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  • Will it fit my boat?
    It should! The ASSHAT Stern Cover is a universal fit cover that is 9'6" wide and most recreational boats are 8' to 8'6" wide. We designed to fit and protect most inboard and sterndrive boats. If your boat is bigger than that then check out the HUGE! ASSHAT Stern Cover. Same thing, just bigger!
  • Can I TOW my boat with the ASSHAT cover on?
    ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is a protective cover designed to be used when the boat is sitting stationary and soaking up the elements. Towing will void warranty immediately.
  • Does it go over or under my factory cover?
    The ASSHAT Stern Cover can do either one. Depending on how you prefer to mount it will determine which method you choose. Both ways have their benefits.
  • What if it doesn't fit?
    We bet it does. But IF it doesn't please see our return policy.
  • How does it attach to my boat?
    ASSHAT is a simple universal solution and solves all your problems with sun damage to the stern of your boat. The goal is to create a "scrunchy effect" by pulling the shock cords through the cover until it bunches in the middle of the cover. This allows the shock cords to get to the necessary lengths to attach to your boat cleats or wake tower, as well as created the elastic effect that will go down around the swim platform or the back of your boat. The additial bungee hooks provided are for extra security to attach to the lower grommets to your lower boat area or the sides of your boat lift or slip.
  • A few other tips for install here...
    After the "scrunch effect" has been done by pulling out the shock cords, It is best to then attach the cords to the cleats, tower or other connection area of the boat or dock. When that secure connection is made on both sides, it is much easier to reach the end of the boat and pull the cover down and around the stern or swim platform and it will secure to it by pulling the tight shock cords underneath. It is also possible to stand on the back swim platform and then pull one side under, and then step over onto the cover and pull the other side under the platform.
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